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GTS LOGISTICS, s.r.o. was established on first August 2006 as a direct successor company Tibor Gregor - GT Logistics. Founded on years of expertise and practical experience of its founders Mr. Gregory and Mr. Sykora with a view to further development in the area of transport, freight forwarding and logistics business. During the duration of the company, the company was gradually supplemented by other able employees to positions of Manager, Economic Director, freight forwarders, service technician. For the complexity of the provision of services company built its own rolling-stock and the warehouse space with their complete security. After the departure of MR. Gregor who went on a well-deserved rest, the company is owned since 2015 only by Mr. Sýkora.He continues with building upon the company,its modernization and growth in the domestic and foreign markets.

The effort of all employees who are associated with long-standing experience and competence childish enthusiasm is building a reputation and provide quality services to our business partners as well as transport companies.

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Logistics is an interdisciplinary science that deals with optimal coordination, aligning, linking and optimizing the flow of materials, services, information and finance.

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We are outsourcing selected business partners and transport companies, for which we provide complete logistics services. An important part of providing services is feedback, which ensures efficient flow of information. Communication with partners and effective exchange of information, allowing quick and purposeful achievement of the required quality.


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