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  What we offer

 Zone for business companies

Commercial companies have different ways to ensure the transport of goods. One possibility is to ensure these processes from their own resources. Another option is to outsource this process to companies that are logistics specialists. Using logistic specialists can save time and costs and to fully focus on the key processes that ensure profitability and growth of your company. Our business partners have decided to outsource the process by our company to provide the basis for building partnerships. We are experts in providing logistics and transport services. Our goal is to provide solutions to your requirements at a professional level.

 Zone for transport companies

In cooperation with transport companies we focus on accountability, reliability, flexibility and effective communication. The flow of information between our company and the carriers is one of the most important tools to ensure maximum service quality and satisfaction of business partners and themselves.

Our company carried out transporting their own vehicles and also works with contract carriers. We have vehicles with a gross weight of 3.5 to 40 tons. All our vehicles with a gross weight of 7.5 tons have the tarpaulin superstructure. Their advantage is the possibility of unloading goods from all sides or from above. All vehicles are equipped with satellite navigation, and monitoring devices, which allows tracking of vehicles 24 hours a day. All vehicles / so. Solos / are equipped with ADR equipment, allowing the transport of dangerous goods / class 2,3,4,5,6,8 /. Vehicle drivers are properly trained and equipped to carry dangerous goods.

Deliveries of the total weight of 3.5 tons, working capacity is about 1.5 tons
Solos with a total weight of 7.5 tons, working capacity is about 3.3 tons
with a total weight of 12 tons, working capacity is about 6 tons
with a total weight of 18 tons, working capacity is about 10.5 tons
Trailers with a gross weight of 40 tons, working capacity is about 24 tons,
where we have two types:
    -  the volume 90cbm and an inner height of 2.7 m
    -  with a capacity of 100 cbm and an inner height of 3.0 meters (known as MegaNáves)
with the total weight of 40 tons, working capacity is about 24 tons
with a capacity of 120 cbm with an internal height of 3

 Storage spaces

We have a storage space of 100 m2 that is available 100 pallet places. Your goods are protected up through the storage period. The warehouse space is secured by using a modern camera system,alarm system and 24 hours security monitoring service. We provide the storage space for a long – term and temporary bin transfers of goods. Thanks to this the customers are relieved from their overload warehouse and production space. As a part of improving services and relief for customers, the transporting of goods between the operation and the storage we provide by our own vehicles. Products come to you just when you need it!


We focus on the transport of goods within the EU, especially Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Czech Republic. Our activities are constantly expanding into other countries.



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